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The Honorable Bedford Brown

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The Honorable Bredford Brown, a United States Senator, was born in Caswell County, NC in 1795. He would later graduate from UNC in 1813 where he studied law. He was admitted to the NC Bar in 1815 to be a practicing lawyer.

He also owned over 100 slaves including my 4th great grandparents John Brown (1826-1859) and Lizzie (1834) and my 3rd great grandmother Onie Brown (1855-1924).

He also owned Lizzie’s mother, Sinthy (1810-?), my 5th great grandmother. Sinthy and Lizzie were actually from Virginia and most likely came to NC with Bredford’s marriage to Mary Lumpkin Glenn from Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

I don’t have any pictures of John, Lizzie, or Sinthy.

But this is the second picture I’ve found of a slave owner connected to my family. I can’t begin to imagine what type of life my ancestors lived as slaves for Bredford. Though, I hope they're smiling down since one of their descendants was admitted to the same NC Bar in 2010 to be a licensed lawyer...195 years later.

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